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One Man’s Quest for His ‘Dream’ Guitar

This is a WONDERFUL essay on the process of creating the “Red Rocket” from the client, George Petit’s, point of view. He describes what he was after for so many years; his experience searching, why he needed an acoustic archtop, and then the full story of how our relationship started, evolved, and how the “Red Rocket” was born. This guitar was a challenge and I knew that going into it, that was the lure. This journey opened me up as a builder in a new way. The end result is an amazing guitar that lives, breathes, and reflects George Petit. This guitar was so inspirational that it will be the foundation of a new model line that I know will turn a lot of ears. I am grateful for experiences like this!


Here is the article from Jazz Guitar Today! Please take your time and subscribe to this online publication. It’s totally free and the resources and articles they post is fantastic. I am constantly chasing links to articles that I receive.































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