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My goal is to create the most efficient musical instruments that maximize performers' highest artistic potential.

Each Koentopp Guitar starts as a vision shared between the player and myself. This collaborative process results in unique creations, meticulously crafted using classic construction methods.


Archtop Models

My construction techniques reflect centuries of trial and error by master instrument-builders, resulting in a finished form of clean lines, balance, and purpose.

Koentopp Classicals

Koentopp classical guitars offer enhanced clarity with incredible balance, and sustain. With a unique modern approach to a traditional Torres design these guitars sound better with every progressing day.

Electric Guitars

Built by hand with time-tested styles, these electric guitars exhibit the same characteristics as my other guitars but with an electric attitude and more Koentopp innovation.

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To discuss pricing, custom options and begin the ordering process, call Dan Koentopp at:

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" impressed I am with what you do. You are making beautiful guitars..."  - Bob Benedetto

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