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Welcome to the Workshop!

I am very excited to welcome you to the Koentopp Guitar Workshop.  This is a new step in my journey to spread knowledge, share ideas, and help represent the golden age of guitar making. With the overwhelming number of independent guitar makers and an age of unrivaled technology, guitar design is at its peak.  Blogs like this help to make connections, answers questions, and simply give the non-guitar maker a fluid understanding of the world of instrument making.

A large part of my blog will be focused on highlighting daily activities and unique situations that end up on my workbench.

The connection between my customers and I is something that I cherish and never want to loose.  I hope this will bring you closer into my shop and open an opportunity to ask and answer questions, comment, and absorb ideas on guitar making, repair, restoration, maintenance, and anything that comes through my shop door.  I will welcome guest writers, opinions, reviews, about everything related to the guitar and its modern movement.

I was taught my craft by the genius instruction of Michael Darnton.  His open honesty, support, and his willingness to share knowledge help define my work to this day. I don’t plan on teaching someone how to make a guitar through this blog but I hope to create a platform of free knowledge and information that will benefit us all.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

-Dan Koentopp

17 Responses to “Welcome to the Workshop!”

  1. Thomas Cray Says:

    I look forward to your upcoming posts! I’ve learned a tremendous amount from you over the past few years and it’ll be nice to be part of your online community as well. Thank you for for the amazing acoustic instruments I’ve had the opportunity to play in 2010! I know 2011 will only bring more opportunities, challenges, and triumphs for Koentopp Guitars! Cheers!

  2. Adrian Holovaty Says:

    Excellent, Dan — looking forward to reading!

  3. Heidi K Says:

    Love the new blog Danny! It looks like Koentopp Guitars is getting bigger and better all the time. Best of luck. I think 2011 will be a year to remember for you!

  4. Michale Haymer Says:

    Muchos Gracias for your blog. Want more.

  5. henri francois Says:

    build a gypsy jazz guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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