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I am now offering a reselling service for my instruments. There is no better place to represent and sell my work than here on my website where I can communicate with both the seller and the buyer.  If the seller desires, these instruments will be checked over and setup by me before they are sold. I will ensure each guitar is represented clearly, honestly, and answer any specific questions that arise. In most cases, each guitar has been highlighted in a past blog article so I will write a brief description of the instrument here with a link to the guitar’s specifications and archived photos. I am available to speak about any details over the phone or email, so please reach out! / 773-859-0157


SOLD — 2020 Koencaster –   (Click here for link to photos)

This guitar was completely recolored and refinished in 2020 and is in new condition. The hollow body set-through neck design gives this guitar a versatility in sound with a foundation of balance and sustained resonance. Matched with amazing Ron Ellis’ LRP humbuckers and amazing hardware this guitar can do anything. It’s just waiting for the right hands! 😉

For specifications and photos click here 

Contact me at / 773-859-0157


2020 #069 Koencaster For Sale


(SOLD)  Chicagoan Oval Hole (#43) – $12,000, comes with a Hoffee carbon fiber case and strung up with .012″-.052″ strings

This guitar is currently available… I wish I could keep it for myself. It’s presence is wonderfully alive and its voice is so beautiful. The basses are large with a lot of vibrating support while the trebles sing with a softness that seems effortless. It’s loud but at the same time very delicate. I strive to build “concert level” instruments and this guitar checks all the boxes. I’ve gone over the whole instrument top to bottom; the previous owner played this guitar a lot which is obvious in the guitar’s open voice but in terms of wear, the guitar is in almost new condition. This is a fully acoustic instrument (no pickup) and it is one of the most versatile designs I make. This guitar can do anything! I’ll post a video as soon as I can get something decent from my fingers, or if I’m lucky, someone who we all want to hear play! (12/27/2021) Click here for specs and pictures

Contact me at / 773-859-0157


Oval Hole Chicagoan #48 – Available for sale

(SOLD) -The “Most Chicago” Chicagoan (#040) 2014/15 is currently for sale. I made this guitar for a wonderful client, David Villa. We shared a lot of common interests including our love for the great City of Chicago. Sadly, David past away in 2021 from a long battle with cancer. Working with David was a really special experience that I will always remember. His respect for the creative process while sharing his energy and desires helped make these guitars quite special (This was the second guitar I made for David) This guitar is in new condition and is $16,000. We would love to find a new owner who will love and cherish it as much as David did. (5/26/2021) Click here for specs and pictures

Contact me at / 773-859-0157


2015 “Skyline” Chicagoan












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