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Hand Made Guitars by Luthier Dan Koentopp

The Chicagoan Logo

The following comments are from a client who’s guitar was the first to receive the new Chicagoan logo. My attempt was to not only incorporate my client’s unique perspective but pay homage to the famous “New Yorker” guitars. The logo now adorns each Chicagoan model.

D'Angelico New Yorker Headstock from 1930

“Dan Koentopp’s craftsmanship and attention to detail are well known among the growing number of his followers and owners of his exemplarity guitars. What is not as well known is his creativity. When I commissioned a guitar, I wanted to commemorate some of the work I had done in applied psychology. The work involved improved memory associated with geometric patterns that were difficult to cognitively resolve. Lots of artists – the Op Artists played around with these visual phenomena in the sixties; Vasarely, Albers, M.C. Escher among others. I was somewhat surprised that Dan didn’t tell me to go shove it where the sun don’t shine as I relentlessly pressed for a creative use of this thought in the inlays we were toying with. Well, you can see the result, which came from no help of mine. One day, the most significant parts of the Chicago skyline showed-up as a brilliant oscillating figure. This art is noteworthy in its own right. To have it on my very own, personal ax is think buttercream icing on the cake. Dan took his time, used his imagination and produced a solution that perfectly met my goals and will now serve him well as the enduring headstock graphic of the Chicagoan guitar.”

Koentopp Chicagoan Headstock 2011


Rear Headstock Inlay of Escher's Triangle

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