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Shop Concert with Nicholas Veinoglou and Michael Day, June 2021


On June 28th, 2021 I had the honor of having Nicholas Veinoglou and Michael Day over to the shop to try out two recently finished archtops, the “Circle” Chicagoan and the “Adams” Amati. The only moment better than this is to see the new owners open the case for the first time. I sat there quietly with my eyes closed as Nicholas and Michael got to “know” the two instruments. To hear the two guitars singing together, for the first time, was nothing short of magical and a very rare moment for me. The two voices, entirely different from one another, clear as a bell, weaving so beautifully in and out of melodies.

The first tune they recorded was a simple R&B groove where they move through playful sounds. On the second tune “Freight Train”, they keep pushing the envelope, feeding off each other and intertwining in an expressive way. Listening to these videos puts me right back in the shop, sitting there with my eyes closed and taking all of it in.

This was recorded acoustically with two AKG-414s, and a UAD Apollo 8p. A huge thank you to Joseph Yun, for his work on video and audio engineering. Another big thank you to George Walker Petit for his help mixing this.

For detailed information, specifications and detail photographs you can follow the links for the “Circle” Chicagoan and the “Adams” Amati here.


Soaking it all in!

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