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Ervin Somogyi Knows Best


Somogyi’s Rosewood “Andamento”


People often ask me, “Which guitar makers do you admire?” One individual that I really look up to is master guitar maker, Ervin Somogyi. I haven’t had the privilege to meet him but through his willingness to share information and teach the world his ideas, I feel like I already know him. His work continues to amaze me. His instruments capture my eyes and my attention the way a painting masterpiece does. His approach is rather Renaissance like. It is centered around science with a magnificent balance of art.


Rear End Block Ornamentation on Maple Andamento


Ervin’s blog is one of the most informative places for guitar players and builders on the internet.  I find myself spending a lot of time reading his posts. I look forward to the day I can meet him and hope to take one of his classes!


Here is a short video on voicing the guitar from a lecture he gave in 2009  at the Healdsburg Guitar Show (the whole lecture is available on DVD from his website):



Carp detail


Celtic Rosette


Maple Andamento


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    Hey there it was a joy visting your blog.

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