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Drew Zingg’s latest work… Awesome!

If you have an interest in guitar, you probably already know the name Drew Zingg. If not, you should because you have most likely already heard his masterful guitar playing. Drew was the guitar player for Steely Dan and his playing defined their sound and hit songs. His background runs deep touring with David Sanborn, Marcus Miller, Shawn Colvin, Rickie Lee Jones, and Gladys Knight to name a few. Drew’s work with Michael McDonald was prominently featured in the film “Leaving Las Vegas” starring Nicholas Cage and Elizabeth Shue.


Drew Zingg’s self titled album

The production, led by George Walker Petit, is precise and on the money from start to finish. This record was the result of a four year collaboration with both George and Drew. The listener is taken from Funk, Soul, Blues, Jazz, to Rock; it’s all there and it is seamless. The musicianship on this record is flawless and always in the pocket pushing Drew to deliver his best. Combining the creativity and musicianship from George, the DZDAP production (as they call themselves), with Drew, seems to have been a no brainer. I can only imagine the fun they had working this project.

George Walker Petit at work

The relationship between Drew Zingg and George, is so beautifully laid down on this album. The music production supports Drew’s sound while taking the listener on an intense and soulful journey. On every track you hear Drew’s deep bluesy tone backed up by burning and luscious grooves. This album truly showcases Drew’s versatility on the guitar.

We also get more soul from guest appearances by Boz Scaggs, Michael McDonald, Monet Owens, and Christine Lynch. Their addition to this project adds such a diversity and what I think to be a wide range of flavor, leaving a little something for everyone.

If you haven’t checked out Drew Zingg and his long line of projects, it is in your best interest to do so. He is a master! His musical lines and the journey he takes you on with every solo, leaves nothing on the table. I for one am sad that I did not have much familiarity with Drew’s playing up until recently, but this new album has left a mark with me and I will certainly be keeping my ears open.

You can hear  a full interview with Drew from Inside Musicast here.


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  1. george petit Says:

    thanks for this, Dan ! very generous of you to take the time!! G

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