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Chico Pinheiro test drives a Blue Line

We had the great privilege of sitting down with Chico Pinheiro at the first ever 2017 Stowe Jazz Festival. The Festival itself is like no other jazz festival I’ve experienced. Stowe is a magically beautiful place and to be nuzzled in the middle of green mountains, rivers, trees, amazing people, great food, and the best beer in the world (Alchemist Brewery) creates the most incredible stage for a jazz festival. Included in the performances of this three day festival were Chico Pinheiro Quartet, Dan Pugach Nonet, Ed Cherry Organ Trio, Will Selenraad Trio, Rebecca Martin And Larry Grenadier Duo, and the Paul Asbell Quartet.

Chico played on Friday, the first night and it actually started to rain while his quartet was performing. It was pretty cold but his Brazilian roots pulled the audience close under the stage tent and it only added to the amazing vibe. It was an unforgettable performance.

I had been in contact with Chico over the last few years and had always tried to hook up with him when he was coming to LA. We finally got to talk and I met his wonderful and talented band. It was like we had all known each other for years! I only wish time had slowed down. I met Chico in the morning before he and his group were heading back to New York. He got to check out a 2013 Chicagoan as well as the 2016 Blue Line that you see him play in this video. (recorded with an iPhone)

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