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A Chicagoan Oval Hole with a Unique Vibe

This Chicagoan Oval hole was really fun to work on. I had a lot of input from my customer and much of the energy from our conversations went into this acoustic instrument. This was the first archtop I have done that features ebony binding. I must say that the extra effort pays off. The contrast between the ebony binding and the natural color of the guitar is very beautiful. One of my biggest critics (my wife!) says it’s her favorite guitar that I’ve made so far. The x-braced Carpathian top features an oval sound hole that is bound with a fine mother of pearl ring and the same purfling lines that outline the body. All the appointments here are carved from Macassar Ebony which help give it a beautiful warmth both visually and aurally.

046 Series

Koentopp Chicagoan Front and Back


Heel with Macassar Ebony cap


Purfling detail


Rosette and Spruce top


Back, Sides, and Ebony Binding

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One Response to “A Chicagoan Oval Hole with a Unique Vibe”

  1. Alfonso Cavazos Says:

    Thank you for allowing me this grand opportunity. The whole process was enjoyable and right on schedule. My guitar has a very distinct ( in your face ) presence unlike any other guitar I own.
    My technique has taken a very nice enhancement because all spectrum of sound is now heard, simply everything matters because everything is projected evenly forward.
    Playing your guitar demands bringing it with you in all areas of form and posture, all movement will have an effect on a defined expression of interpretation.
    This guitar has awoken something inside of me to dig deeper in exploration of what can be? I hear every song in a different dimension of possibilities.
    I will be 56 years old in 2016 and get very excited when something causes self examination on my journey through expression.


    Alfonso Cavazos

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