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The 2019 Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival, a Great Success!


The 2019 Rocky Mountain Archtop Festival was a tremendous success. The festival took place on Sept. 21st and 22nd outside of Denver, Colorado in a small town called Arvada. The festival was and/is the brain child of Peter Henriksen of Henriksen Amplifiers. Peter really pulled together an amazing group of people, both players and guitar makers. The support and camaraderie amongst everyone was something special. Arvada was over come with all-stars in the industry so it made quite a bit of sense that the draw of archtop lovers and the general public audience was so great. I was overcome with gratitude and excitement after the weekend and I am so looking forward to the future shows!


Here’s Tim Lerch trying out George Petit’s “Red Rocket” guitar and telling us what he thinks about it:



Tim and Mason Razavi playing a minor blues together. Mason has the Red Rocket through a Henriksen Bud and Tim is playing a Tom Ribbecke guitar through a Raezer’s Edge amp.



The great Ted Ludwig playing Just Friends




The Koentopp Booth at the 2019 RMAF


Bobby Broom and Dennis Carroll performing at a nearby Arvada venue.


The Bobby Broom Trio, Kobe Watkins on drums, and Dennis Carroll on bass, bringing down the house on Saturday night!!!


Me with my new friends, Ken Parker and Adam Miller


I wish I had more time to hang with Paul Ricci, what a beautiful musician and beautiful soul!


Wonderful shot of Tim as he gets to know the “Red Rocket”


The music and tone in Mason Razavi’s fingers is awe inspiring


Partner in crime, the man behind the “Red Rocket”, George Petit


My other partner in crime, one of the sweetest and badass builders, Maegen Wells.


The one and only Michael Bashkin of Bashkin Guitars. Michael not only makes some of the worlds best guitars but is the force behind the well known podcast “Luthier on Luthier”


Tim, Mason, and myself with in the famous Hilton Storage Closet


The 2019 RMAF Lineup


The 2019 RMAF Poster with a Chicagoan Back underlining the logo!








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