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Hand Made Guitars by Luthier Dan Koentopp

For Sale: 2012 Koentopp Amati


The Amati reflects Koentopp’s passion for traditional golden-era classical string instrument construction. Carved from the finest European tone-woods, the Amati features hand cut f-holes, hand carved and compensated ebony bridge and solid ebony fittings. Its top, first destined for a cello, is of well aged and fine grained Carpathian Spruce. The three dimensional flame maple figure on the back and sides comes to life under the rich heritage burgundy finish. Its voice expresses a lush, and open sound featuring complexity and clarity. It has remarkable evenness over the entire neck resulting in a very loud and precise acoustic guitar.

“Since I already own two Koentopp guitars the question is, why a third?  The answer for me was simple; I had to have the Amati.  In my opinion, it is the most naturally unique and intrinsically beautiful instrument I have ever played – a true collector’s item and work of art.  I pinch myself whenever I walk into the room and see it waiting for me.  Its heritage is obvious and the instrument stands up to its name.  The craftsmanship is mind blowing.  I would also add that working with Danny on this wonderful custom guitar was such a great experience” -Anthony Richards

Model Specifications
17″ arched-top body
3″ side depth
Hand carved and graduated, Master Grade European Spruce
Hand carved and graduated Master Grade European Maple Back with matching sides
Hand cut F-Holes
Parallel braced Top
Fine, 7-ply purfling with Flame Maple binding throughout
One piece highly flamed neck with truss rod and Carbon Fiber reinforcements
Ebony veneered headstock face and rear
25″ scale
1 11/16″ Bone Nut
Hand carved Ebony Fingerboard with 12” radius
Hand carved Ebony Compensated, adjustable bridge
Hand carved Floating Ebony Tailpiece,
Waverly Tuning Machines with Ebony Buttons
Stealth wire port under the fingerboard extension for installing a magnetic pickup with hidden wires.
Deep red/brown color with thin Lacquer finish


2012 Amati #0412024


Flame Maple Binding

Hand Carved Compensated and Adjustable Ebony Bridge

Hand-cut Stradivari F-Holes

Amati Inlay Scroll

6 Responses to “For Sale: 2012 Koentopp Amati”

  1. Temujin H-P Says:

    This guitar is stunning. I love it’s resemblance to a beautiful old violin, I’ve been dreaming of a guitar just like this! Amazing work.

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you so much! I appreciate the kind comment! Please let me know if you have any questions.

  3. Alec Says:

    “Dreaming of a violin-like guitar” me too. Absolutely beautiful work sir. Ever try a sound post? doesn’t seem like it would work for a guitar..unless it was bowed..a baroque cello.. Blessings.

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks Alec! You are right. A Sound-post does not work in a guitar because it acts like a dampener. The guitar acts more like a percussive instrument so the plates need to vibrate freely to influence each other. The violin and cello have an infinite amount of energy from the bow (or as long as one can keep the bow going:)and the plates need to be coupled together.

  5. Donald Kamens Says:

    Breathtaking !

  6. admin Says:

    Thanks Donald!

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