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Hand Made Guitars by Luthier Dan Koentopp

Bending Wood Binding Over a Hot Pipe

Bending wood around a guitar outline is a rewarding step in guitar making. It is a process that forces the woodworker to get to know a piece of wood very well. It takes time to develop the feel of how a piece of wood responds to heat and pressure. For me, bending wood over a hot iron is a fun puzzle. Starting at one end and conforming the piece of wood to fit into a shape. This video is sped up so it doesn’t bore you to death, but in reality it takes me about 6-8 minutes to bend the cutaway binding by hand. It then dries in a mold for a few hours to set its shape. You’ll see that I also put the wood and mold together on the pipe, this just further sets the wood to the mold.

Thanks to Tony Richards for the beautiful Music! Check out more of his playing at

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