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A Nut Vise in 60 seconds

Here’s a clever little nut vise you can make on a bandsaw in 60 seconds. The only thing it really requires is two pieces of hardwood. You could get fancy and add a hinge or a screw and wingnut, but I for one like the fun when things work at there most basic form. It reminds me of oldschool work and simple mechanics. No joke, I sketched this thing out, one half at a time, thinking about how it would sit in my bench vise. I expected to have to go back and refine it but it worked so incredibly well the first time it went in the vise that I didn’t alter it at all. I didn’t even clean it up to make it look pretty. The shoulders that lay flat on the bench allow the nut vise to remain somewhat stable as the main vise is adjusted. You could add the screw and wingnut if you wanted to as that would hold the whole thing together which might be a good idea, especially for storage. Wish I made this yeas ago!


A simple nut vise that holds as strong as your bench vise


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